AI Gain | 22/01/2020

With a Team of Four, AI Gain Welcomes a New Milestone


AI Gain PTE LTD announced today that it has appointed a team of four members, consists of CEO Charles Mesh, CTO Paul Johnson, Asia Pacific Executive Fabian Chen and Master Instructor Stephy Yang, to its board of directors with the departure of its CEO, Andrew Nguyen. AI Gain stated that the more innovative and globalised management team fully meets the requirements of the company for long-term development.


New CEO has vast experience in blockchain

New CEO Charles Mesh expressed, “Former CEO, Andrew has significantly contributed to AI Gain. During his tenure with the company, AIG Coin has grown from USD1 to USD5, achieving an outstanding growth rate of more than 400%.” As AI Gain welcomes a new phase of development and innovation, the new management team is confident in their visions and capabilities. 

“It is every CEO’s dream to lead a great company to huge success”, Charles Mesh believed that this is the right time for AI Gain to start a new chapter in its development. Besides, he has faith in its new team, that they are more than capable of laying a strong foundation for the company.

Charles Mesh has dedicated his time to blockchain technology since 2009 and has vast experience in asset management. He has been the vice president for a well-known investment institution for the last ten years. Furthermore, Charles’ leadership led the institution to major improvements in key indicators, namely market value, revenue and environmentally sustainable development. After taking over AI Gain, he will be responsible for the management and business development of the company.


The new team possesses a wide range of skills and knowledge

New CTO Paul Johnson has many years of experience in technological development. His main duties in AI Gain are to formulate technology research and development and strategies. Paul said, “We have the best team and the most comprehensive solution. Therefore, we will utilise this opportunity to encourage sustainable development goals.” Before joining AI Gain, Paul Johnson was a Chief Technical Consultant of a famous bank, with job scopes such as managing technology strategies and businesses.

The new management team also includes Asia Pacific CEO Fabian Chen appointed by CEO Charles Mesh. Fabian is responsible for leading business operation in the Asia Pacific region. In addition, he was a senior project manager for a popular asset management company and a member of the World Blockchain Organisation.


Future development

The handover process has been successfully completed. AI Gain will launch many promotional plans to reward users with a World Tour leading the first wave of events in 2020. Stephy Yang, a former digital asset investment analyst and AI Gain’s master instructor will lead the company to organise this blockbuster event.

Besides, AI Gain will launch a group messaging app for community users to communicate with each other on the latest news and to expand the community. In order to meet changing client needs, and to offer the best asset management concepts and the most comprehensive services, AI Gain endeavours at recruiting and producing experts in artificial intelligence and digital industry. These efforts will lead a new investment wave in the cryptocurrency industry.