AI Gain | 09/01/2020

The Year of the Rat With New Plans and Endless Assets


The beginning of the year offers the best opportunity to re-plan your investment. Looking back at 2019, have you accomplished your financial goals through investment? And how should you plan for stable investment profits in 2020? Here are some suggestions for you to keep up with the economic development through investment.

Live within your means

To live within your means is the core principle of investment. Before you make any investment decision, you should first consider the liquidity of your fund. If you have plenty of idle funds, then you may expand your investment. On the other hand, if your investment affects your existing savings, namely children’s education fund, parents’ healthcare fund, etc., then you should assess your financial status.

Diversify your investment

The key to an effective investment is diversification; do not put all your eggs in one basket. If you have concentrated all efforts and resources in a particular asset class, then you will put your entire portfolio at higher risk when the market experiences a downturn. That being said, it is imperative for you to diversify your investment if you have a centralised portfolio.

You may consider adding an arbitrage investment model to your portfolio. The best platform to do so is at AI Gain because it comes with a low cost of $100, hourly profit and various reward programmes which are better than others.

Adjust your fund

With a diversified investment base, regular fund adjustments also ensure proper asset allocation. However, many investors preferred to take shortcuts in investment, that is, investing in an administrative account and allow it to profit. Although it is unnecessary to check your return of investment daily, you should pay close attention to your investment status from time to time.

If you have not been adjusting your fund, you should consider an account that offers the highest rate of return. Take AI Gain as an example, when you top up your AI Gain wallet, you are bound for a higher ranking, earning extra profit and bonus as a result.

Refrain from investing blindly

A competent investor does comprehensive research instead of following investment trends or investing in popular platforms blindly. Although advertisements of these platforms offer valuable information, they do not promise any profit in future. Nonetheless, you must analyse the abilities of the team behind the scenes and its history of successful strategy execution before making any long-term investment decision at the platform.

Despite having no exaggerated advertising or email blast, AIC Coin is capable of formulating long-term investment and continuous profit through AI Gain’s programmes. At this platform, you will find nothing but practical and effective investment strategies.

Two heads are better than one

The above principles are some tips for you to re-plan your investment strategy. Nevertheless, AI Gain understands that some things are easier said than done and it is tough for you to remain calm when you come across a cryptocurrency plunge.

In order to resolve such issue, you should join and form a community with experienced and quick-minded peers. With instant messaging application AI Chat ready to launch, AI Gain offers you the convenience to study the market with like-minded investors.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is developing at an unprecedented speed and has 1500 types of digital coins today. The explosive growth of information is much more efficient when it is managed by a community. This is because this information will be classified and summarised before sharing. Hence, you should expand your knowledge faster by joining a community instead of relying solely on your own research.

You can only increase the value of your money via detailed planning. Therefore, join AI Gain to gain endless assets and to achieve economic independence this new year.