AI Gain | 02/03/2020

AI Gain Officially Extended its High-quality Asian Servicing Market by Establishing an Office in Vietnam


As the dark horse of cryptocurrencies, AI Gain has been building and maintaining a strong and positive relationship with Vietnamese investors. As one of the fastest growing Southeast Asian countries, AI Gain now has more than 40,000 users in Vietnam! Therefore, the company has included Vietnam in its Asian business expansion plan.

Vietnam is preserving its fast-paced growth in recent years. According to the latest data of the Vietnamese Bureau of Statistics, the country’s GDP growth of 7.02% has exceeded the expectations of 6.6% – 6.8%. Vietnam now ranks among the countries with the fastest economic growth in Asia in the last 20 years. Hence, this country has drawn extensive attention from investors, making it one of the top investing Southeast Asian areas.

“There is no doubt that Vietnam is an important area for blockchain project marketing events in the past two years,” Asia Pacific CEO Fabian Chen expressed. “We will plan and expand our goals in Vietnam, which is why we have established an office in Ho Chi Minh City.”

This new business point will offer local investors with all supporting services. Kindly reserve your visiting time with our online customer service if you wish to visit our office.