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What is AI GAIN?



How It Work

AI Gain is the combination of “Artificial Intelligence” and “Gain”. Through utilising AI technology, we aim at realising investment with compound interests. Digital finance will be an important path for the next generation of blockchain industry revolution. As a fast-growing professional digital assets management platform, AI Gain has a core R&D technical team and a trading team with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and are early-stage investors in digital assets. By bringing together collective wisdom and artificial intelligence, AI Gain excels in achieving value-added trades in the everchanging digital assets market.
AI Gain hopes to build an international digital smart wallet, allowing investors to make use of every opportunity to achieve compound interests. In an era of blockchain, AI Gain app is a must-have for investors who emphasise long-term profitable experiences.
AI Gain operates in a transparent and safe trading circumstance. It helps investors to gain from arbitrage via comparing exchange rates of various exchanges and earning the spread between platforms. Such investment method maximises the profit. We are not only supporting multi-currency cross-border remittances and storages, but also updating exchange rate every hour, providing investors the convenience of real-time tracking.



How It Work

Our Advantages

Efficient & Convenient

Efficient & Convenient

Instant access to latest news with a mobile app and official website.

Hourly Profit

Hourly Profit

Hourly profit is converted to wallet share, allowing participation in profit distribution of the next hour.

Low Entry

Low Entry

An initial investment of $100, offering equal opportunities and realising investment goals.

Zero Risk

Zero Risk

Utilising trend forecasting and AI technology to monitor market changes 24/7.

Open & Transparent

Open & Transparent

Grasp information with real-time exchange rate.

Desired Access

Desired Access

Desired access anytime anywhere with convenient fund collection.

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Consistent yet Effective


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Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Charles Mesh

Chief Executive Officer

Charles Mesh has dedicated his time to blockchain technology since 2009 and has vast experience in asset management. He has been the vice president for a well-known investment institution for the last ten years, leading the institution to major improvements in key indicators.

Chief Technology Officer

Paul Johnson

Chief Technology Officer

In addition to 20 years of experience in financial information technology industry, Paul Johnson is also a member of Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), possesses a wide range of skills and knowledge that covers the entire mobile device service.




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AI Gain is a one-stop digital assets management platform. It endeavours to utilise artificial intelligence technology to assist investors to profit with enhanced safety, convenience and consistency.

AI Gain has a core team with more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry and are early investors in digital assets. Our technical team has broken many records and received various technology R&D awards in industries such as cross-chain technology, artificial intelligence, high-dimensional data analysis, etc.

Based on blockchain technology, AI Gain is a decentralised wallet where digital assets stored by investors are on the chain. Such operation not only offers investors with safe storage, but also allows them to consistently profit from arbitrage.

AI Gain uses blockchain technology, which is recognised by various countries, namely Germany, Canada, European Union, Japan, Switzerland, etc. In future, more companies are bound to utilise blockchain to their aid. Hence, AI Gain is completely legal.

The common practices of a pyramid scheme are to attract new investors with fixed profits and to pay old investors with new funds. When there are insufficient new investors, the scam will collapse. Nevertheless, AI Gain does not guarantee fixed profits, but our referral programme offers rewards for investors who successfully invited their friends to join us. In short, we have only “one level” and not multi-level marketing pyramid selling within AI Gain.

Although blockchain is safer than centralised organisations, Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot utterly eliminate the possibility of hacking. Nonetheless, AI Gain promised to uphold information security of investors with advanced defence technology.

Through trades in different exchanges for arbitrage, AI Gain is capable to achieve handsome yet stable profit unaffected by currency price fluctuations.

Other than AIG Coin, AI Gain also supports major currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Litecoin. More currencies will be supported in future.

AI Gain will continue to build multi-domain application and target global smart payment application. We hope to construct the firmest infrastructure in digital assets industry, providing digital assets investors the most convenient and effective services as well as popularising the application of blockchain technology in different industries.

Download AI Gain mobile app and register for AI Gain wallet. Users may start to trade when they have stored their digitals assets in wallet.

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